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Name: Taylor Pufahl

Independent Personal Trainer

Taylor Made | Strength & Personal Training

About Taylor

My name is Taylor Pufahl and I am an ISSA certified personal trainer and nutritionist. I have been helping Fort Wayne natives become the healthiest and strongest versions of themselves throughout the past five years. My philosophy is that the barbell is for men and women of all ages and the number one tool for all strength and fitness goals. The science is conclusive that we need strength training and exercise MORE as we age. Strength training being a “young man’s game” is an outdated idea and it is now more clear than ever that it is a necessary prerequisite for health and longevity.


One of the things I specialize in is teaching and coaching proper, safe, and efficient biomechanics and movement patterns. Learning proper lifting technique is essential to any long term progress or success in the gym. I would like to, one client at a time, put an end to America’s poor health epidemic!



Let me help you in taking your health and fitness to the next level.


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