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Name: Michelle Conrad

Independent Personal Trainer

About Michelle

My passion lies in helping my clients see what their bodies can accomplish. I do this by building their confidence and knowledge while we work on meeting their goals together.


I’m honored to say my clients range in fitness abilities and levels from ages 13 to 79. Because of the varied levels, I enjoy training with different modalities. These vary from dumbells, barbells, TRX, and sandbags, amongst others.


I believe in listening to your body. Some days are meant for digging deep and working hard, other days, gentle motion and stretching. Some days it will be a combination, depending on the client. When you love your body and care for it properly, it will reward you with amazing things!


"What a disgrace it is for a man

to grow old without ever seeing

the beauty and strength of which

his body is capable."



I offer nutritional guidance and personal training in 30 minute or 60 minute sessions


NASM Certified



Contact me to schedule a free consultation:


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