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Name: Sarah Moore

Independent Personal Trainer

Vivacious Fitness

About Sarah 

My name is Sarah! I’m a certified personal trainer, online health and fitness coach, strongman competitor, self defense instructor, and a busy mom!


My fitness journey began 10 years ago at almost 300lbs. Taking control of my health and losing 130lbs inspired my passion for fitness and a need to share that passion with as many people as I can. I’ve maintained that weight loss for over a decade through many different seasons of life, and that has shaped my approach to personal training. I want to help you to find joy in fitness, and a new appreciation for your body by focusing on what you can do and how wildly capable you are, without taking time away from your family or adding a hundred things to your already busy schedule!


I truly believe that fitness is for everybody in every body, and with certifications in personal training, strength and conditioning, and corrective exercise I’ve been able to make that belief a reality for hundreds of clients over the last 10 years.


Let’s set some goals and chase some dreams!

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