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Name: DeVon Causey

Independent Personal Trainer

Elevate Fitness

About DeVon

My background in sports, as well as the influence of my athletic parents, is what naturally drove me to fitness and working out. As a student/athlete I performed at a competitive level in basketball, football, wrestling, and track. I played D2 football at Kentucky State University. I studied business and exercise science.  As an athlete, I saw individuals on YouTube who inspired and motivated me to pursue bodybuilding based workouts. I studied their training methods, and entered my first bodybuilding show about 3 years into that training approach. The training was based on body-sculpting and understanding the science behind it.  This was a different training approach from what was used with football and other sports performance training.  

In 2022, I earned my pro card in bodybuilding as a natural in the International Federation of Fitness & Bodybuilding (IFBB) competing in the Worldwide Ben Weider Natural Open Bodybuilding Championships. This was after I competed in my first bodybuilding show in 2019.  COVID happened, and in 2021 I became #6 in the nation as a middle weight bodybuilder.


This November 2023, I was 3rd as a Pro Classic Physique at the Worldwide Ben Weider Natural Championships.  


In 2020, I obtained Personal Trainer certification with specialization as a Bodybuilding Specialist with the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).  In 2022, I obtained certification as an Online Personal Trainer and was recertified with ISSA in 2023. I have trained individuals at varying levels of fitness and from all walks of life.  I am passionate about personal training because of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. The positive outcomes of a healthy body and mind is our greatest asset.  I’m committed to serving others and helping you reach your goals. 


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