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Name: Katie Eden

Independent Personal Trainer

Reformulated Nutrition

About Katie

Everyone has their story. The one thing that pushes them everyday.


Mine? Mine started with a wake-up call created by postpartum depression. I started going to the gym out of necessity for my health. Honestly? I HATED it at first. I was 80 pounds overweight and miserable trying to run the weight off….. I didn’t know any better.


Thankfully I had a trainer that was able to show me a better way. The feeling of dread and misery was soon replaced by a passion for lifting weights….and I LOVED it!


Even with that love, I still struggled with my weight going up and down, up and down on that damn scale!! So unbelievably frustrating!!!


It wasn’t until a few years into lifting weights consistently that I realized if I really honed in on my diet and made it work for MY lifestyle, that I’d KEEP the results and look I wanted.


I made sure I got the certification necessary to be able to help my clients do the same thing. Let’s be real, at the end of the day, what you put on your plate matters just as much as the work you put in at the gym and….not everyone is a robot that can eat just rice, chicken and broccoli.




Let’s make it work for you, your tastebuds and….more than likely, have some fun and laughs along the way! Contact me for pricing by email at

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