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Name: Michael Nix 

Independent Personal Trainer

About Michael 

My name is Michael Nix and I am the owner of Healthy Horizons Personal Training.
Through my almost 10 years as a personal trainer I’ve had the opportunity to train with clients
as young as 12 years old and as old as 80. I’ve seen hip replacements, knee replacements,
shoulder pain, lower back issues and many other ailments over the years that I am more than
comfortable working around. As a high school wrestling coach in my 9th season I also have
extensive experience working with athletes of all skill levels. On top of this experience with
injuries and athletes, I also love working with the everyday person who just wants to workout to
feel better in their everyday life. This variety of clientele has shown me that fitness is for
The health and well being of my clients is and always will be the number 1 priority in my
approach. My goal is to teach you healthy fitness and nutritional habits that are sustainable long
term. Being healthy is a lifestyle that does not need to be over complicated.
I can design a program tailored to you so that you can workout on your own or we can work
together 1 on 1 and I will coach you through each exercise with proper form.
Call or text (260)338-4623 and we can setup a FREE consultation to find what will work for you.


Reach out for a FREE consultation!


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