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Name: Dalton Escobedo

Independent Personal Trainer

Built Different Fitness LLC.

About Dalton 

My name is Dalton Escobedo. I am a NASM certified personal trainer, and the owner of Built Different Fitness LLC. I’m a former NCAA wrestler, and I am currently an NPC Bodybuilding competitor. The gym was introduced to me at a young age to help become the best wrestler and football player I could be. It soon became my therapy outside of sports. Then I fell in love with the progress, so it became a passion. I decided to use my years of experience in the gym and partner it with my passion to help change others’ lives inside and out! The mission at Built Different Fitness LLC is to help Educate & Elevate one’s health and fitness goals, while empowering a healthier and stronger YOU. We want to show others we are in control of our own health; No matter the walk of life, our genetic makeup, or socioeconomic background. The only limits that exist are self-made. BD Fitness will show you how daily exercise/movement can help destroy any limitations


The only limits that exist are self-made.

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